John Sopta

Chief Executive Officer

As UnitiWall’s Chief Executive Officer, John is responsible for the company’s financial, human resources, marketing, and sales functions. Recognized for his ability to grow market-leading companies, John began his career as a luxury home builder, learning construction from the ground up. The challenges of delivering award-winning projects while navigating economic and industry cycles and the region’s growing shortage of skilled trades, set the stage for an experience that would change his career: a visit to a modular panel factory.

Refocussing on this new and promising industry, in 2013, John joined SLB Prefab, a global leader in the development of innovative prefabricated cold-formed steel structural wall panels, floor, and roof truss systems. John’s ability to communicate the benefits of these new and complex building systems delivered the growth targets that made SLB a success. As well, SLB led to another career-transforming experience, for it is here that he met Joe Aprile, his future business and innovation partner.

Between John’s ability to help people imagine a better future through more efficient and sustainable methods of construction, and Joe’s technical acumen and deep experience developing modular products that make that vision a reality, they share a unique synergy. Together they founded Skyrise Prefab (Canada) in 2015. Skyrise brought the STO Wall system to the Canadian market, leading the way with new architectural options and panel systems that eliminated the need for additional brick layers and scaffolding. Having grown Skyrise into a market leader with a 60,000 square foot manufacturing plant, offices in three cities and 70 employees, in 2020 John and Joe sold the company to STO AG (Germany).

In 2021 John and Joe launched UnitiWall, a company that represents the sum of their experiences in developing and bringing to market prefabricated modular panels. Leading UnitiWall’s entry into the market, John is in his element: managing and growing a company that will yet again revolutionize the prefab wall paneling industry while contributing to a better, more sustainable built environment.
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