The be-wall and end-wall.

We pack a lot of building science into the UnitiWall panel system.

UnitiWall’s fully unitized wall panel system is taking the high-rise construction industry to new levels of sustainability with no trade-off in flexibility or design freedom. Our panels are engineered to work with virtually all cladding and glazing options on the market.

The UnitiWall system is founded in building science, but it isn’t only about function. The system is also engineered to support virtually any form your design demands.

Cladding, glazing, colours, materials… we’ve yet to meet a spec we cannot support. We look at it as our job to deliver your vision, and we’ll bet we do it in record time. UnitiWall is not just design friendly, it’s your design’s soulmate – prefabricated and ready to go.

Better value. United, for all.



End User

UnitiWall for New Buildings

In new buildings, UnitiWall offers a long list of benefits. With the work of multiple trades built-in, a remarkable installation process managed from inside the building, and full design flexibility, our prefabricated panels can shorten building schedules by as much as 80% enormously reducing cost, risk, and labour requirements.

UnitiWall for Retrofits
For deep energy retrofits, UnitiWall’s all-in-one solution is a giant leap forward in technology and efficacy. Our fully-unitized wall panels arrive pre-fabricated and ready-to-install and can deliver energy-saving, GHG-reducing, and sustainability benefits that were likely not even imaginable when the building was designed.
Design Possibilities
We find we have to reiterate this facet of the UnitiWall system. We build your design. Integrating virtually any cladding or glazing option you specify, we do all the assembly off-site, delivering high- quality, ready-to-install panels that match your on-site requirements. Imagine that.

Technical Performance and Tests

This is the “but don’t just take our word for it” section. The UnitiWall system has been poked and prodded by industry leading third party testing organizations. We invite/implore you to review their findings.

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