Vasily Zadorojnyi

Director of Finance and Administration

As a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with a diverse background spanning multiple industries and organizations, Vasily brings a wealth of financial leadership experience to the forefront. From driving fiscal strategies at TD Bank to driving operational excellence in the Not-For-Profit space, his professional journey and expertise encompasses a wide range of responsibilities demonstrating his capacity to drive operational excellence and strategic fiscal strategies.

Vasily has played a pivotal role in shaping financial landscapes, overseeing multimillion-dollar budgets, and guiding strategic business decisions. His contributions extend beyond traditional financial management, as he has successfully managed company-wide reorganizations and implemented operational systems, showcasing his ability to drive improvements that extend beyond the realm of finance.

His extensive experience equips him with a comprehensive understanding of both a financial and business operation mentality, positioning him as a valuable asset to support UnitiWall’s executive team during periods of strategic growth. Vasily’s responsibilities encompass leading functions in Finance, Human Resources, and Project Estimating, showcasing his ability to provide strategic guidance across multiple facets of the organization.
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