Sustainable Innovation: High-Performance Wall Panels for the Academic Wood Tower

May 2024 was an epic milestone month for the team at UnitiWall where we began production of the high-performance walls for the University of Toronto’s Academic Wood Tower. As the tallest mass timber structure currently under construction in North America, located in Toronto’s busy downtown core, our prefabricated panels will be delivered ready for quick and efficient installation on site.  

Working with Pomerleau on this landmark project, we’re proud to provide the entire exterior opaque building envelope for this unique design. A complex system that integrates seamlessly, ensuring an air and watertight resilient exterior.

Our prefabricated wall system was chosen for this iconic project, contributing to the new global standard for eco-friendly architecture. Given the prominent sustainable efforts driving the project, it was imperative to include a building envelope that maximized energy efficiency, optimized construction means/methods, and enhanced occupant comfort. UnitiWall’s all-in-one panel solution offers unparalleled performance with effective R30+ availability, supporting envelope-first design strategies for high-performance buildings.

Our All-In-One Panel Solution features:

  • Engineered Steel Framing & AVB System: Ensures a robust and resilient structure.
  • Patented Thermal Plenum Technology (Thermally Broken): Maximizes energy efficiency.
  • Continuous Mineral Wool Insulation, Cladding & Hardware: Offers superior thermal performance.
  • Integrated Windows & Doors: Provides a seamless integration with the facade.
  • All Sealants & Gaskets: Guarantees airtightness and weather resistance.
  • Engineered Firestopping: Enhances safety and compliance.
  • Ready for Interior Drywall Installation: Simplifies and speeds up the construction process.
  • 100% Non-Combustible Assembly: Ensures maximum safety and durability.
Along with superior performance, the design intent of the Academic Wood Tower could not be compromised. Located in a highly visible location, along the Bloor Street cultural corridor, it was important to maintain the beauty of the building which has already garnered significant global attention for its innovative design. UnitiWall panels are versatile, allowing for the seamless integration of the sloped walls, sunshades, and windows for this project.

The construction of the Academic Wood Tower also features some of today’s most advanced construction techniques, with many of the tower’s components being manufactured offsite. As an extension to an existing building, built atop the Goldring Centre for High Performance Sport, minimal disruption and improved safety is paramount. UnitiWall panels are prefabricated off-site with the work of multiple trades built-in, dramatically improving installation and safety efficiencies that address the challenges of a congested site and aggressive construction schedule.

Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to build excellence in sustainable construction through innovation and collaboration!

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