Toronto, Ontario, July 11, 2023 – UnitiWall Corporation [UnitiWall] has unveiled its prefabricated, high-performance, fully unitized wall panel system for use in new construction and deep energy retrofits. Anchored on a cold-rolled steel structural frame, the system integrates an air vapour barrier, perimeter seals, thermal breaks, insulation layers, and a patented bridge-free Thermal Plenum frame for drainage and ventilation. Additionally, UnitiWall incorporates all types of exterior cladding options and window types, resulting in a complete wall system, that is customized for each project, and delivered fully clad, with the work of half a dozen trades built in, ready to install.

“Our unitized wall system is the result of a 26-year journey that began when developing cold-formed steel wall modules for low rise buildings,” said Joe Aprile, Chief Operating Officer of UnitiWall, and the system’s designer. “Since then, through progressive iterations we have succeeded in developing a high-performance wall system that contains every required component, and that can be used in the construction of new buildings, as well as and in the retrofit of condominiums, skyscrapers and large, complex structures,” he added.

Designed to exceed even the most stringent code requirements, UnitiWall panels are energy efficient, delivering a combined U-value of 0.029 and an effective R-value of R35 and higher. As well, the system’s materials and production processes are engineered to minimize their direct and indirect environmental impact over their lifecycle, using locally sourced, recycled materials that will also be 100% recyclable at their end-of-life.

“Our wall panels provide a simple, cost-conscious, energy efficient and future-ready solution,” said UnitiWall Chief Executive Officer John Sopta. “We are committed to delivering resilient solutions and have adopted the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals for our environmental, social and governance policies. To this end, we are pursuing labelling under the International Living Future Institute’s Declare program, and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and International Passive House Standard certifications. As well, we will report on our operations under the International EPD System Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) program and are pursuing accreditation as a Certified B Corporation.”

In addition to its superior energy efficiency, UnitiWall’s elegant engineering provides unmatched benefits: developers and architects will appreciate the system’s unlimited design freedom, flexibility, and its ability to accommodate every possible type and size of window or cladding material to deliver aesthetically appealing buildings that stand out on city skylines. For building owners, UnitiWall exceeds next-gen building codes and is built to last and reduce maintenance and renewal costs. For builders, UnitiWall prefabricated panels are delivered on site ready for installation from the inside, significantly improving site efficiency and safety, and increasing installation speed to reduce construction schedules for new builds by up to 80%.

“The construction industry is evolving at a rapid pace, and we at the Carpenters’ Union understand the critical role that innovative building technologies play in meeting its current and future demands,” said Jason Rowe, Executive Secretary-Treasurer, Carpenters’ Regional Council. “That’s why we’re thrilled to be entering into a strategic partnership with UnitiWall, whose state-of-the-art wall systems will make projects safer and more cost-effective for our contractor partners, while setting the standard across Canada for sustainable building. When labour meets innovation, the possibilities are endless, and the Carpenters’ Union looks forward to working with UnitiWall to continue our tradition of excellence.”

It is fitting that UnitiWall’s debut project will be to create the exterior of one of Canada’s most innovative buildings: the Academic Wood Tower at the University of Toronto. Designed, engineered, and built by the consortium of Patkau Architects, MacLennan Jaunkalns Miller Architects (MJMA), Blackwell Structural Engineers, and Pomerleau Building Construction, the 80-metre, 15-storey tower will be one of Canada’s tallest mass timber structures and will also establish new standards in the use of prefabricated building components. UnitiWall is providing the Wood Tower’s exterior opaque wall panels, a complex system designed to mesh invisibly with the façade’s glazing and the wooden super-braces that wrap the tower diagonally, while providing an airtight, sustainable exterior. “The University of Toronto has always led the way in commissioning structures that showcase the latest innovations in design and construction. We are delighted, and proud, to have our system’s excellence acknowledged by the university and the designers of this beautiful and outstanding building,” added Mr. Sopta.

About UnitiWall
UnitiWall Corporation has developed the most complete prefabricated, high-performance, fully unitized wall panel system for use in new construction and deep energy retrofits. UnitiWall panels incorporate all exterior cladding options and window types, are customized for each project, and delivered fully clad, ready to install. Based in Mississauga, Ontario, UnitiWall provides a simple, energy efficient and future-ready solution that is revolutionizing building envelope construction and making projects safer and more cost-effective. Learn more about UnitiWall at www.unitiwall.com
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